Protex tyre sealant is a revolutionary puncture repair system designed to seal punctures as they occur in the inner tread area of any pneumatic tyre (tubeless tyre).

These punctures, caused by any penetrating object, will be sealed immediately with no loss of pressure. This seal is permanent, not just a ‘get you home’ temporary fix and it will last for the whole life of the tyre.

Tyre sealants have been around for over 40 years, primarily for the use of slow moving agricultural vehicles. Most of the first competitive formulas that have entered the market for high speed on-road vehicles had rubber particles and synthetic fibres which caused many problems such as:

  1. wheel imbalance,
  2. product breakdown,
  3. low percentage of successful seals.

However, this is not the case for Protex. Protex is a liquid based gel, made up of a unique 31 part environmentally friendly formula. Some of Protex‚Äôs unique properties are the use of natural wooden fibres and gums which seal even the smallest of punctures hermetically and, more importantly, this seal will be permanent and impervious to water. Due to the ‘thixotropic’ nature of the Protex tyre sealant, the liquid is centrifugally distributed evenly across the inner tread area of the tyre, so when a puncture occurs in this area, Protex immediately seals the puncture permanently.