Everyone knows how important is to regularly check the condition of your tyres. It is evenly important to check the tyre’s air pressure but yet how many of us can honestly say that we do check either of them? The benefits of maintaining the correct tyre pressure can help you keep more money in your wallet, improve your vehicle safety and even protect the environment.

Fuel Consumption

Under inflated tyres creates more rolling resistance which automatically leads to an increase in fuel consumption. “In a car, tyres under inflated by 15 psi (1 bar) lead to 6% greater fuel consumption. That’s an increase of £150 every year on a fuel spend of £2,500 per year.” (source: www.tyrepal.co.uk)

Tyre Life

The same occurs for the life of your tyres. The more the rolling resistance the quickest your tyres will wear. “At high speed, (defined as driving at 120km/h for over one hour), your tyres will wear out twice as fast as when you drive at 70-80 km/h. If your tyres are under-inflated by twenty per cent tyre life can be reduced by thirty per cent.” (source: www.bridgestone.co.uk)


Under inflated tyres overheat and therefore have a bigger chance to burst while driving. Moreover there is a big chance for over or under steering which could also lead to poor handling. “Under inflated tyres are prone to overheating use more fuel and wear out more quickly. Likewise, over inflation can reduce tyre life, reduce grip and cause steering problems.” (source: www.michelin.co.uk)


All the above could also cause a reduction of your vehicles CO2 emissions into the environment. “Think about how your fuel saving efforts will benefit the Earth and future generations.” (source: www.goodyear.eu)

Protex Tyre Sealant can maintain the correct air pressure in your tyres therefore Protex will improve your vehicle fuel efficiency by up to 3% and will extend the life of your tyres by up to 25%. By extending the tyre life, Protex reduces the number of tyres that end up in landfills and eliminates the senseless depletion of petroleum resources needed to replace prematurely-worn tyres.

Protex will not only virtually eliminate the danger, inconvenience and costs associated with having a flat tyre but also pays for itself over time by maintaining the correct air pressure within your tyres.

Article by: Russell Troman & Konstantinos Michaleas