Can Protex be used in any type or size of pneumatic tyre?

Yes, the Protex Tyre Sealant has been specifically designed for any tyre range on the market.

Does Protex work on Tube tyres?

Although Protex does work on tube tyres we are unfortunately unable to offer our unique 5-year Protex warranty as the variance in the quality of inner tubes is too great to calculate.

Can Protex be used on Run-Flat tyres?

Yes – you can use Protex on Run-Flat tyres. Using Protex will provide protection to the tread area which is in addition to the side wall protection that run-flats offer and given their cost this additional protection is a wise investment.

Will Protex affect the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system (TPMS)

Protex Tyre Sealant has no effect on the TPMS

Can Protex be used on Retreaded tyres?

Yes and this is an excellent market for the Protex product as it helps assist in the binding and significantly lowers the risk of a tread being thrown.

Will Protex cause wheel imbalance in High Speed vehicles?

No. Protex does not cause any wheel imbalance when the correct quantities and the Pre Installation Questionnaire (PIQ) are used correctly.

Will Protex cause wheel imbalance on other larger vehicles?

No. Protex does not affect wheel balance on larger vehicles.

Does Protex affect the tyre structure?

No. Technical Institutional tests have demonstrated that Protex has no deleterious effects on tyres or the tyre structure.

Will Protex seal sidewall or shoulder punctures or a split?

Protex will not seal sidewall or shoulder damage; these cause a major weakness in the tyre structure and should be resolved by tyre replacement. However, in these instances, Protex will seap through slowly and prevent rapid air loss thus reducing the hazards that can result from such damage.

Will Protex corrode steel or affect wheel rims?

No. Protex formulations include strong corrosive inhibitors that protect from any corrosion.

How many punctures will Protex seal?

Protex will seal numerous punctures until fully used up.

Will Protex repair an already punctured tyre?

The Protex product has been designed as a preventive repair system acting as the puncture occurs. However the sealant has been extensively used on post punctured tyres with great success; this does however depend on the condition and structure of the tyre as many are driven whilst flat.

What if the nail stays in the tyre?

Protex is unable to seal around metal, however it will draw your attention to the object by slowly loosing air. You simply remove the puncturing object so as to allow Protex to make a permanent repair.

Does Protex function in variable weather conditions?

Protex has been tested in several countries with humid/tropical and sub-zero climatic conditions. Operational temperature for Protex ranges from -40°C to +90°C.

What if I have Nitrogen instead of air in my tyre?

You can use Protex in either environment.

Does Protex contain any harmful ingredients?

Protex contains no harmful ingredients to the tyre, the environment or to people. A unique factor of this preventative product is that Protex is “COSHH” friendly. (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).

Is it safe to send Protex by airfreight cargo?

Protex is Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable. Protex is allowed to be delivered by air cargo.

Will Protex degrade, dry out or separate in the tyre?

Whilst Protex is in the inflated tyre it remains in its original condition throughout its life.

Does Protex void the tyre manufacturer’s warranty?

Protex does not affect the compound or the structure of the tyre and therefore has no effect on the tyre manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the shelf life of Protex Tyre Sealant?

Our company does annual tests of the very first batch of the product, manufactured back in 2004, which still passes all quality and standard tests.