Protex is the only tyre sealant in the world that gives a 5 year warranty for its products.

Protex 5 Year Warranty (Tubeless Tyres Only)

Protex Warranty is in effect an insurance policy against possible defects in the manufacture of Protex. Although warranty claims are handled by the warranty department at Protex Solutions all claims will be referred to the Manufacturer for validation and any subsequent re-imbursement.

Protex is manufactured to the highest quality by the Manufacturer, and is the premium tyre sealant product in the world.  When installed, it will provide full protection against punctures in the contact area as defined in BSAU 159f, made by penetrating objects up to 6mm in diameter for high speed vehicles, and up to 15mm for off-road earthmoving vehicles.

Provided that the conditions below are met, the Manufacturer hereby warrants that the installed Protex product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service and for the legal lifetime of the tyre.

In accordance with this warranty statement should tyre deflation occur due to product malfunction the Manufacturer will refund the cost of a puncture repair or if, in the opinion of a tyre professional the tyre cannot be repaired, the cost of a new tyre.

The Manufacturer:
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