1. Protex protects against the highly dangerous effects of high speed punctures, and prevents the hazardous situations forced on thousands of people every day, when they fall victim to an unexpected puncture. By using Protex you have peace of mind, and you can travel with confidence.
  2. By installing Protex in your vehicles you can provide a duty of care to your staff , and enjoy a wide range of cost benefit savings. Therefore, Protex will virtually eliminate the danger, inconvenience and cost associated with having a flat tyre.
  3. Protex will protect against loss of air in day to day use, increasing tyre life by up to 25% and decreasing fuel consumption by up to 3%; this will reduce long-term maintenance and operation costs across your vehicle or your company fleet.
  4. In the event of a ‘blow out’ which most of the time occurs due to a puncture on the side wall, Protex will bleed through, preventing the loss of vehicle control and allowing the driver to stop safely.
  5. Protex protects against rust and corrosion.
  6. Protex assists in reducing the risks of “throwing a tread” from vehicles that have had retreaded tyres such as heavy goods vehicles.