How Protex works

Protex is installed into a tyre before a puncture occurs and will seal a puncture made by a penetrating object up to 6mm in diameter on high speed on-road vehicles and 15mm in slow moving permanent off-road vehicles.

Protex has been speed tested up to 150 mph with no adverse impact on the vehicle’s handling.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Protex will help individuals and any private or public company/oraganisation to save money and also protect the environment by reducing their carbon footprints.

Protex Warranty

Protex is the only tyre sealant in the world that gives a 5 year warranty for its products.


Protex Tyre Sealant provides unique benefits that can save you money, time and even your life.
  • Forget Dangerous Punctures

  • Extend Tyre Life

  • Prevent Downtime Costs

  • Forget Puncture Inconvenience

  • Decrease Fuel Consumption

  • Protect Retreaded Tyres



  • Since including Protex as part of our sales package we have been considerably impressed with the additional business it has secured for us. Customers really like it; safety and peace of mind appear to be the 2 aspects they are most relating to. We have noticed that it is a product they are actively requesting "Will it come with Protex installed?" is one of our most frequently heard questions. We ourselves have been very pleased with how easy it is to install and the excellent working relationship we have developed with the Protex team.
    David Jackson
    O H Vehicle Conversions
  • We are a medium sized business with 2 Garages in the local area. Since offering Protex both as part of our on-sale package and as part of our servicing recommendation it has certainly added an extra dimension to our business. Customers are able to grasp the concept immediately and are very impressed by the additional security it gives. It has become our most requested addition and has contributed significantly to increased sales. With the additional support Protex offers and along with the unique 5 year warranty makes the Protex product second to none.
    Christian (M.D)
    Think Cars Bransgore

About us

Protex - The company

Protex was created in 2003 by Tyre Solutions Limited, which was formed to fully research and develop an innovative new ‘puncture sealant’. It was Tyre Solutions desire to gain a foothold in the global sealant market by introducing a product that resolved all of the previous failings of existing sealants and which could demonstrate its excellence across the broad spectrum of commercial, military, agricultural and private motorist markets. The time had come to take advantage of new technology to advance sealant technology to match that of vehicles and tyres.


Protex - Our people

Our greatest asset is our people and our only commitment and dedication is to serve and provide our customers the very best solutions with the best quality products. Both our domestic and international teams work together in a daily basis to make sure that we meet the unique needs of our clients globally. Feel free to contact us for any matter so as to find the right solution for you.


Protex Solutions UK Ltd is already active in a number of countries around the world.

Our aim is to continue to expand both in the UK and overseas…


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